Mishpacha (family)

Since early 2018 this ministry has been mentoring, ministerial training and supporting a Pastor in the Republic of Burundi.

We have been asked by several Pastors in East Africa (Kenya and Burundi) that their churches want to become our congregations there.

This sounds amazing on the surface but when you break away the splendor of the excitement to help make a difference in our world, there is a labor and a financial obligation that goes with this.

We truly need support in order to take on such an endeavor.

Currently we are providing ministerial training and study materials on Messianic Judaism. Also providing Pastors academic means to get a bachelors level ministerial education.

We have other ministries involved in helping us to provide us their study materials in our teachings to the pastors in Burundi and hopefully soon in Kenya.

As a responsible organization, we need the ability to do annual if not semi annual site visits to show our support and provide hands on and face-to-face mentor ship and brotherly fellowship like the Emissaries / Apostles did in the Brit Chadashah / New Testament who are our examples.

If you would like to join us as we commit to further the Good News mission to all the nations please consider being a partner in prayer and as the Spirit leads in finances.

Our ministry, Chesed Agape Ministries Intl. is a dba of Faith Community Church of Tulare 501c 3.

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